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Integra Personnel – Not just “Insurance Jobs” but Careers!

Looking for a career in insurance? We can help you move past the job hunt and into a career. With over 20 years of experience in staffing and an emphasis on the Insurance Industry, we understand the need to provide client firms with more than qualified individuals looking for “insurance jobs” – they need talent and commitment. Wielding not only experience but expertise, we help both candidates and clients navigate the peaks and valleys of industry landscapes. Our mission is to help you reach your professional goals or find qualified personnel best suited to fill critical positions.

We value relationships and experience, while extending a one of a kind commitment to clients and candidates exploring staffing solutions. During our consultations, candidates are offered industry specific professional guidance and help client firms map candidate qualities that lead to proper personnel placement.

Understanding is our edge, affording us the depth of perception to see subtleties in client and candidate experience. We are your first line of defense and put in the legwork to help you find the proper placement. Moreover, the recruiter is the catalyst or “spark”, in finding true talent and a perfect fit.

However, finding the right candidate is a three way effort between the agency, the candidate, and the prospective employer. Our collaborative effort will result in the right hire, becoming a “win-win-win” situation.

A step in our direction is the first step away from merely searching for insurance jobs toward the employment you desire. Insurance jobs are a treasure, much more careers, and we know the terrain.

Permanent Insurance Job Placement

Staffing solutions in:
property & casualty – benefits – risk management – loss control – claims