How to Pursue a Rewarding Career in the Insurance Industry

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An insurance career is a great option for anyone on the hunt for new employment opportunities. Due to the wide variety of jobs in the insurance industry, from underwriter to sales agent, you’re bound to find a good fit for your skills and interests. Your experience in other jobs, knowledge of technology, and even elements of your personal life will come in handy in various insurance roles. Here are some steps you can take to start your career in insurance.

But First, Why? 

It’s best not to walk into an insurance company hoping for a job simply to earn a paycheck. The most important thing you can do before looking at insurance as a career is to know what you can give and what you can get. Helping people secure their family’s financial futures is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Whether that’s through automobile, home, or life insurance, you have the power to help people realize ways to prevent financial disasters. If you get into the business side of things, you can walk entrepreneurs through the steps needed to safeguard their efforts in case of an unexpected issue. What you get in return is flexibility and plenty of room for growth.

Now, here are a few ways to prepare yourself for your future career.

Upgrade Your Phone

A good smartphone is essential for anyone working in the insurance industry. For one thing, mobile insurance apps can help with everything from claims processing to generating quotes for clients. If you pursue the path of a sales agent, your phone will be your dependable partner. A reliable phone is crucial for managing complex schedules, getting in touch with clients, and talking to team members—whether you’re on the road or in the office.

Research Insurance Employers

In your job search, you’ll come across many different types of insurance companies. Learn about each one and the various entry-level roles they offer for new hires. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out company review websites where you can learn information about different organizations. For example, Indeed is great for reading reviews of insurance companies, like Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance, from their employees. This kind of research will help you learn what it’s like to work at different companies from current and past workers.

Master Networking

According to OutboundEngine, 82 percent of Americans seek recommendations when looking for a service. So, it goes without saying that networking is an important part of being an insurance agent. Join professionals’ associations, use social media, and attend career fairs and events for insurance professionals where you can make connections with people in the industry. You can even reach out to insurance professionals you already know, like the agent who sold you your car insurance. Before you start networking, come up with a brief elevator pitch to describe who you are, what you do, and what kind of career you’re interested in.

Another option is to connect with a full-service placement agency like Integra Personnel. If you’re seeking a job in the insurance industry, Integra can find you work in underwriting, client account services, risk management, marketing, sales, and more.

Learn How to Sell Yourself

Before you can start selling insurance, you will have to sell yourself in an interview. Start by learning everything you can about the insurance market and current trends. This will give you an idea of the changes that organizations are making in response to evolutions in technology and business—and how you fit into the picture. You should also be prepared to answer tough questions in your interview, like whether you’ve ever been fired. Remember to ask questions yourself! Choose questions that communicate your ambition to succeed. For example, try asking the hiring manager what success would look like for someone in your role.

Getting started in insurance is a rewarding option for many young professionals.  Not only does the career boast a generous salary and a few added perks, but the insurance industry is in desperate need of new talent. If you’re at a crossroads in life, consider pursuing this rewarding path. And as an added benefit, you’ll go to bed each night knowing that you’ve helped others secure their family’s futures. 


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